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 Lost Wax - Patterns - Spruing

Basic Pattern Wax Formula

18 Pounds Of Reclaimed Micro Crystalline Wax + 3 Pounds Victory Brown + 2 Pounds Pure Bees Wax

This is a very versatile pattern wax which produces very little shrinkage. We have found this to be an excellent wax for patterns year round. It is rigid but not brittle, it produces no surface bubbles when used correctly. We recommend the following when slush casting a pattern: Warm the mold, make the first pour at 218*, the second pour at 200*, the third pour at 190*, the fourth pour at 185*. This produces consistent patterns that are approximately 3/16 thick, if you require a thinner pattern leave off the last pour. If you require a thicker pattern change the last pour temperature to 180*. Any of the waxes used in this formula may be purchased through us, or you may contact us and we will e-mail you alternate sources for the waxes.

Basic Sculpting Wax Formula

12.5 lbs. Bees Wax + 10 lbs. Paraffin Wax + 1.75 lbs. Petroleum Jelly + .75 lbs. Anhydrous Lanolin

Use a crock pot or wax pot set on low to melt the ingredients together, stir regularly to insure complete mix of all components. We prefer to use pure Bees Wax straight from the bee keeper, the paraffin my be found anywhere canning supplies are sold, the petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and anhydrous lanolin may be purchase at a pharmacy or cosmetics supply house. The wax will tend to be yellow in color due to the large amount of bees wax used, a small amount of colorant may be added. We have used both candle wax colors and dry pigments to color the wax. We recommend that you color a small test sample first to make sure you have the color you want, it's much easier than trying to recolor the whole batch if the color is wrong. Once the wax has been thoroughly mixed and the color added, pour the resulting mix into aluminum pie tins or forms that will with stand the heat of the melted wax. We coat our wax forms with vegetable oil, after they have solidified they are placed in the freezer for about an hour, the wax will pop readily out of the mold once chilled. The wax will appear stiff at first but will become more pliable as the hand warms it. If you prefer a softer wax than this formula produces add more bees wax and reduce the paraffin, if you prefer a stiffer wax add more paraffin and reduce the bees wax. 

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