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The creation of sculpture in bronze has been around for many centuries.    The word sculpture is derived from the Latin sculptura, from sculpere, to carve or cut out of stone.  Today the term is generalized to cover a wider and more abundant material inventory.  Bronze casting can be traced back to at least 1570 B.C. and to cultures from the Mediteranean to China.  Modern technology has brought sculpture and casting to new levels, however many of the old methods, techniques and tools are still in use today.

Our foundry is dedicated to providing informative and technical information based on both old and modern bronze casting methods.  There are many ways to produce a bronze sculpture, we recommend that you become as informed as possible about bronze casting and then decide which method and foundry is best suited to your style of sculpting and needs.   


Minute Man
Rhode Island National Guard Living Memorial
Exeter, RI

Winthrop Paul Rockefeller
Celebrating the Life of Winthrop Paul Rockefeller
Morrilton, AR

RING Memorial 2 Install_314

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